Crazy Good Beer


Drink Local.


Ready to Lose your Mind?

Welcome to Lost Sanity Brewing, established in 2018 by the Fenske Family. Our local roots engrained a serious sense of pride in us, so we thought we'd be crazy not to open a brewery in Madelia. We're locally owned and operated, pulling the majority of our ingredients from resources in the area. DRINK LOCAL!


Lost Sanity

As we started this venture, it became very apparent that we had to be nuts to try this on our own, especially at the scale we are doing it.  We choose a Brew System that is too large to be a Nano brewery and too small to be a Microbrewery. We want to provide the freshest beer possible while still being sustainable in a small community.

Drink Local

Madelia is our home. We couldn't think of a better small town to start a brewery. We have more amenities than most small towns and we are nestled in a great location.  Madelia is located right off of 4 lane HWY 60 and HWY 15, no more than 30 minutes from Mankato, New Ulm, and Fairmont. We are conveniently located on Main Street for ease of access.

Passion Project

Brewmaster Caleb Fenske started brewing prior to developing a passion for beer.  He was brought up with a very open mind, always trying new things such as foods and beverages. With that open mind and a beer brewing kit, it was only a matter of time until he developed an affinity for all different types and flavors of beer, thus spawning the brewmaster within.


We're Kid-Friendly!

We're here for the whole family. Treat the kids to snacks and soda while you enjoy the best brew around.