Crazy Good Beer

Crazy Good Beer




Hopzophrenia IPA

Mid-West style IPA where we tone down the bittering addition of hops and focus on highly aromatic hops added at the end to make a delightfully fresh IPA to please most palates.

Botched Lobotomy Brown Ale

A Brown Ale brewed with oats and local sourced honey giving the beer a creamy feel, yet finishes crisp with caramel and roast notes.

Catatonic Cream Ale

Golden Light Ale brewed with English malts, flaked corn, flaked Barley, and fermented with German Kölsch yeast making this a fresh, fruity, crisp beer suited for any occasion..

Batty Belgian Blonde

A Belgian-style blonde ale brewed with a blend of German and American malts, noble hops, and traditional Belgian Yeast. The hop and yeast characters give pleasant, spicy, and floral aromas that coalesce the malt flavors to give this beer a refreshing finish.


Manic Black Lager

Schwarzbier brewed to style with German Pilsner and Munich malt, debittered black malt, noble hops and a traditional German lager yeast giving this beer a rich malty flavor with notes of coffee and roast, finishing crisp and smooth

Funny Farmer

This beer is sold out for the season. look for it back next year. We will bringing on a new beer to replace this shortly, watch for it.

Full Pulp  IPA

New England Style IPA is juicy, smooth, and hazy citrus flavor bomb made with barley, oats, and wheat. Hopped with Mosaic, Citra, El Dorado, and Amarillo.

Personality Disorder Porter

You asked for it and we brought it back! Our jet black porter gives an earthly citrus, and roast aroma, with a piney pleasant bitterness with a smooth mouth feel, followed by a subtle crisp finish!



It’s On Tap Today at Noon 01-12-19

Chocolate Milk Stout

A midnight black chocolate milk stout with a rich cocoa aroma

followed by delicate notes of coffee and roast. This beer has a velvety, sweet, silky-smooth finish .

What makes crazy good beer?

We know you're driving yourself crazy trying to figure out why our beer is so good. Relax, we'll tell you! It all comes down to the ingredients we use and the process by which we produce our delicious beer. 


Better Water, Better Beer.

Beer is mostly water, which means the way we treat our water makes the big difference. We specially process Madelia water to keep things local and provide that smooth finish we're known for. It all makes for crazy good beer!

Brew Local, Drink Local.

From our water source to additional flavors such as the locally sourced honey in our Brown Ale, everything we put in our beer is as local as possible. We also give back to the community by recycling our remnants as animal feed.